3 Perfect Summer Spots to Enjoy Your Paint by Number Kit

3 Perfect Summer Spots to Enjoy Your Paint by Number Kit

 Summer is the ideal season to indulge in creative hobbies like paint by numbers. The combination of vibrant colors and detailed designs can make for a relaxing and fulfilling pastime. Whether you're taking your child or self art mom, here are three perfect summer time places to take your paint by number kit this summer.


  1. Local Park

Local parks are excellent spots to unwind and get inspired by nature. Find a quiet, shaded area under a tree or near a pond, and set up your painting station. The serene environment, combined with the sounds of birds and rustling leaves, can enhance your creative process. Remember to bring a blanket, a portable easel, and a thermos of your favorite summer drink to keep you comfortable and hydrated.

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  1. Beach

The beach offers a picturesque setting for your paint by numbers project. Imagine sitting on the soft sand with the sound of waves in the background while you fill in each section of your canvas. The natural light and ocean breeze provide an uplifting atmosphere. Be sure to pack a beach umbrella for shade, a folding chair or blanket, and a secure container to protect your paints from sand and spills.

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  1. Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are filled with diverse flora and stunning landscapes, making them an inspiring backdrop for painting. Many botanical gardens have benches and designated quiet areas where you can set up your kit. Don’t forget to bring a camera or smartphone to capture any flowers or scenes that inspire you for future projects.

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Tips for a Successful Outdoor Painting Session:

  • Prepare Your Kit: Make sure you have all necessary supplies, including extra brushes, water for cleaning brushes, and plenty of paint.
  • Stay Comfortable: Dress appropriately for the weather, bring sunscreen, and pack snacks and drinks.
  • Protect Your Work: Use a portable cover or container to protect your painting from the elements when you’re not working on it.


Taking your paint by number kit outdoors can transform your hobby into an adventurous and refreshing summer activity. These locations not only provide beautiful scenery but also offer a peaceful environment to enhance your creative experience. So, pack up your kit and head to your favorite spot to enjoy painting in the great outdoors.

Disclaimer: Always adhere to heat advisory warnings provided by your local weather station. 

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