How we got started

Kreative University was founded in 2020, when every art mom I knew was on social media sharing their challenges on how to reduce screen time and increase creativity. With
every story shared, I saw firsthand how the lockdown was causing an increase of
both tension and boredom between moms and their children. I wanted to help and
so in March 2020, K.U. (then known as Jalilah’s Art Studio) released our first EBook: “How to Reduce Stress with Art” and the response was well received! Since then several more digital products, online art classes, and paint kits were developed to help guide art moms and their children’s creativity. To date, Kreative University has hosted over 30 online art classes and we look forward to continuing to help more art moms (like you) and your child create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Mission:

Helping art moms & their kids have unforgettable creative experiences!